Joe Burrow House: The Beautiful Ohio Pad

Who is Joe Burrow

Before knowing about Joe Burrow House, you must know about Joe Burrow. From Ames, Lowa, the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback is Joe Burrow. Furthermore, he has played for Ohio State and LSU. The Heisman Trophy was also awarded to him in 2020.

There are many places he is going and he is very amazing. Just east of downtown Cincinnati, he purchased a cute house. Joe Burrow’s Net Worth is $1 million.

Joe Burrow House Details

The Columbia-Tusculum is home to Joe Burrow. Aside from that, this area of Cincinnati has a lot of history and is very nice. Additionally, it is a very serene and relaxing area.

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Joe’s house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms with nearly 3,000 square feet of space. A few amenities in this apartment include high ceilings, spacious bedrooms, and even three floors. Furthermore, the beautiful home has a cute little backyard overlooking the serene Ohio countryside.

Joe’s house was built in 2014 and the whole lot is 4,669 square feet. The location of this house seems fairly new and cute as well. Joe’s house also contains a fireplace and a garage that fits two cars.

Joe Burrow House Specifications

3 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

2,886 Square Feet

Price: $835,000

Address: Strafer St, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Photos of Joe Burrow’s House

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