Jami Gertz House: The Beautiful Malibu Beach House

Who is Jami Gertz

before knowing about Jami Gertz House, you must know about Jami Gertz. In Hollywood for decades, Jami Gertz has been an incredible actress. The most recognizable roles she has played are Debbie Weaver from The Neighbors and Judy Miller from Still Standing. In addition to Crossroads, The Lost Boys, and Twister, Gertz has appeared in numerous films.

In addition to having multiple homes, she is extremely wealthy. Due to her marriage to LA-based billionaire Tony Ressler, she is super rich. She has a cool beach house in Malibu that we will check out.

Jami Gertz House Details

Jami Gertz’s house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms with 4,000 square feet of space. The house features a front and back interconnecting with a cool, calm, collected outdoor atrium space.

In this area, there appears to be a pool that may have existed or is still there. It’s amazing how close you can walk to the Pacific Ocean from the house and how beautiful the view is.

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Jami Gertz’s house is in western Malibu just west of the Point Dume neighborhood. This area is considered super rich and is still very close to Angeles Proper. There is a Hannah Montana house down the street where the show is primarily filmed.

Jami Gertz House Specifications

4 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

4, 016 Square Feet

Price: $12 Million

Address: Broadbeach Rd, Malibu, CA 90265

Jami Gertz’s Net Worth is $2 Billion

Photos of Jami Gertz’s House

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