9 Tips for Getting Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Are you a new YouTuber and you are looking for tips to grow your youtube audience? You are putting everything that you have to put. Your first goal is 1,000 Subscribers.

First 1,000 subscribers are very difficult for your channel to become eligible for the Youtube Partner and be able to monetize your videos with advertisement. You have to hit that subscriber count and a watch time-4,000 watch hours in the last 1 year or 10 million shorts views in the last 3 months, will monetize your channel. This can take your Youtube channel from 0 to 100.

Have a look at nine effective ways to get your first 1,000 subscribers on Youtube.

YouTube Subscribers

1. Create a Video About Your Expertise or Passion

If you are not an expert in making content and you have not chosen your content for your Youtube channel. You have to choose your content according to your passion, like in what activity you are an expert, such as gaming, vlogging, etc. 

It’s okay to not be an expert on a topic when you start your YouTube channel. It’s helpful to position yourself as a beginner who’s excited to learn something and share that passion with your viewers. Say, I’m really excited to learn about this problem, and I’m going to investigate it…

2. Publish New Videos Regularly

A Lot of new creators upload a couple of videos daily for a week but then they disappear. If you want to succeed on youtube, you have to upload new videos consistently to grow your subscriber count.

A good rule for success on youtube is that you have to upload at least one video a week or twice if possible. Publishing frequently can make a good result and help your channel to grow in a couple of months.

3. Experiment With Different Types Of Videos

If you have not found your audience according to your content and your subscriber count is not more than 1,000 because you are making simple content.

You have to test different content on your Youtube channel.

You can explore other content on Youtube that is trending at that time. If you are comfortable with that content you can start uploading and your channel starts growing according to your hard work.

4. Add Youtube Shorts To Your Content

You can edit your long video to a short video and upload it in the shorts area, this can help you increase your subscribers, and content reach will grow also. 

Youtube confirmed that the long-form algorithm is not the same as short-form videos. It means your shorts have a chance to reach potential subscribers. It is a quick and easy method to create a short. you can experiment with new content, with shorts. You just need a phone or camera to film and edit.

5. Introduce Opportunities To Subscribe T your Channel Wherever You Can

If you want to increase your subscriber count, You have to add multiple opportunities in your content for a user to become a subscriber. You have to add a link to your channel in your videos, shorts, and description.

If the viewers are using a computer, They use the watermark directly to subscribe to your channel. How to add watermarks in your videos.

First, you have to sign up for your account in Youtube Studio. Open the menu and select Customization, and tap Branding. Select the time when your watermark comes to your video then click on change and upload a picture for your video watermark. Click on Done and Publish.

6. Optimize Your Videos For Search

As you know Youtube has a search engine so I’m telling you a few simple steps to get more attention for your Youtube channel and you can increase more subscribers to use it.

  •  Find keywords according to your content.
  •  use those keywords in your video titles and description.
  •  You can add tags to describe what your videos are about.
  •  You must write a full description that reflects your content.

7. Use Youtube Analytics To See What Works

Did you know you can get a free suite of analytics right on your YouTube channel? With Youtube Analytics, you can see which videos perform best, see what your current subscribers want, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Don’t forget to check in on your after posting a bunch of videos. As you gain more subscribers, you will begin to notice trends.

8. Ask For Suggestions In The Comments

Even if your audience is small, it can be a huge help when you’re trying to increase more subscribers. When you’ve already brought in a few people who love your content, who better tell you what to create next?

If your audience is still small, asking for suggestions in the comments section can be especially helpful, since you can read each comment and find great ideas. Your content will attract more viewers if it is directly requested by your current audience.

9. Upload A Trailer To Your YouTube Channel

What attracts new viewers to your channel is what they like. First, they check your content. The channel trailer allows viewers to get a quick idea of the type of content you create without scrolling through all of your videos.

It’s an easy way to get potential subscribers to subscribe to your channel as these videos automatically play when they land on your channel.

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