Jenna Ortega House

Who is Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega

Despite her young age, Jenna Ortega is an excellent actress. September 27, 2002, is the date when she was born, and she has quickly established herself as a star. The undeniable talent and captivating presence of Jenna have captivated audiences across a variety of platforms, including television and film.

Throughout her career, she has portrayed a wide range of complex and relatable characters, showcasing her ability to bring authenticity and depth to each role she plays. The Netflix adaptation of Wednesday Addams, directed by Tim Burton, is her most recent role. Moreover, she is rumored to star in the upcoming Tim Burton-directed Beetlejuice sequel.

The deadpan, cynical, and goth persona that Ortega exhibits makes her really stand out in the world of Instagram influencers. Many things are being advertised on social media that aren’t necessarily authentic or beneficial to your well-being, so you should take social media with a grain of salt.

Jenna Ortega House

Jenna Ortega has been living in her childhood home, which she loves. The location of Jenna Ortega House is in La Quinta, CA. Jenna Ortega’s house was built in 2004. In 2004, Jenna and her family moved into this home, Jenna was only two years old then.

Jenna Ortega’s House costs $825,600 and comes with 8,712 Sq ft. Jenna Ortega House has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, an attached two-car garage, an inground pool, and amazing mountain views. 

The interior of Jenna Ortega’s house is quite impressive, warm, and loving. A tight-knit family has lived there for a long time. It comes with a fireplace, hardwood flooring, and carpet.

Jenna Ortega House Details

5 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

8,712 Square Footage

Adress: Viento Dr, La Quinta, CA 92253

More Details about Exterior

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Jenna Ortega House is the best example of desert vibes. It is characterized by a brown tiled roof, white and tan paint, and palm trees in front. There is also a wide driveway as well as a two-car attached garage.

The kitchen is characterized by hanging pots, marble counters, pans, and light oak wood cabinets, which gives a really nice homey, and comfortable aesthetic. There are many plants above the cabinets that top off that warm cozy vibe.

The backyard of this home is a place, you would want to Airbnb for a desert oasis vacation. It is characterized by a curvy inground pool with a hot tub attached to it, and also a waterfall, a tall fern-covered stone wall, and palm trees. 

The bathroom is characterized by an incredible soaking with enough space to cover as well as candles and a glass of wine. You can also see a window above the tub so you can let the natural sunlight in.

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